Best Wagon Stroller: What is the Best?

In this best wagon stroller article, we will give you a list of the best ones in the market and break down the good and bad of each product.

What are Wagon Strollers?

A stroller wagon is a hybrid between a conventional wagon and a stroller. This gives you more room like a conventional wagon and the convenience that a stroller gives. These can offer features like seat belts and braking system. It also offers a canopy that is foldable in a compact footprint for easy storage.

If you want a stroller that can carry weight from 100 up to 150 lbs, then you need to purchase yourself a wagon stroller. Wagon strollers are new in the market and it surge in popularity lately. This type of strollers is for big kids and can give your kids more fun and enjoyment.

Here is our list wagon stroller that are best in the market:

Wonderfold Baby XXL Quad Stroller

The Wonderfold Baby XXL Quad Stroller is a humongous stroller. It can hold up 4 preschool children plus their toys and snacks. It can hold up weight up to 180 pounds that is 70 pounds more than a regular wagon stroller can hold. The stroller is made with a durable steel frame and polyester fabric that is why it is tough. Plus, the fabric is removable for machine washing.

There are four seats inside the wagon with 5-point harness for each. The back of the seats is designed to be higher than the sides for maximum comfortability. All its wheels are equipped with springs for suspension and a front swivel wheels for easier maneuverability and a foot break for breaking.


Among the features this wagon stroller has padded seats and harnesses that can be removed to free up more space. This can be helpful if you only want to haul things instead of using it as a ride. There is also a removable storage to bring more things with you.

This stroller comes with a removable canopy and it retracts when not used. It is adjustable and can be adjusted at an angle that you like. It pops out though when your own a very bumpy terrain.

A major con for this stroller is that it does not come with a storage for snacks and drinks. Snacks trays or cup holders do not exist on this wagon stroller. Another issue for me is that it does not come with so much leg room and this becomes a problem when you stack 4 children at a time.

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Hauck Ego Wagon Stroller

A wagon stroller that is designed for kids that are older and those that does not need a seat belt while they are riding the wagon. The stroller can carry loads up to 110 pounds and has a removable padded seat so you have the option of removing it if you want to put something else instead.

When it comes to breaking the Hauck, Ego has an easy to grab brake handle that can secure it while it is on a full stop. Yes, it is foldable, but it cannot be folded into small factor and the wheels and canopy cannot be retracted.

It is equipped with wheels that is made of EVA rubber that can give you good traction.Two sets of bearing inside each wheel that gives it a smooth glide. It handles most terrain smoothly and is easy to pull.


This wagon stroller does not come with so many features but is good enough to get the job done. It has a weather shade, but it does not protect you enough from the rain.

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Radio Flyer Folding Wagon

The Radio Flyer Folding Wagon is for kids that are older and at least 18 months old and up. This stroller is an upgrade of the previous version, but the foot well is missing though unlike the previous one. The side of the stroller can be folded down and transforms the stroller into a bench perfect for taking breaks. It can carry weight up to 150 pounds and it will take time for your child to outgrow this wagon stroller.

The wagon stroller is equipped large wheels that is great in any obstacle, but it does not run well on sand though especially on the beach. It has padded seats and two seat belts to give your child the best comfort and safety.

When it comes to storing the wagon stroller it is easy to fold. It has magnets which keep the handle in place.


The fabric on this stroller can be easily cleaned so if your child creates a mess it is not problem. It has a storage pouch in the rear and two cup holders too.

Downside of this wagon stroller is that the canopy is sold differently, and the fabric is held into the frame with a Velcro and this may loosen overtime especially when played by children.

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Veer Cruiser Premium Stroller

The Veer Cruiser is the best wagon stroller on this list. This stroller is packed with style, safety features and extras that you want on a wagon stroller.

This wagon stroller is different from the others in a sense that it can be used from newborn up to older years. This is car seat compatible, but you should buy a compatible adapter though. Even if you have a car seat inside the wagon stroller you can still fit additional child to it.

It is made of aluminum with walls that are made from a fabric that is strong and durable but is soft and easy to clean. It has a brilliant design and it can withstand mostly anything you throw at it. The backs of the seats are breathable and made of rubber same as the footrest have a mesh to let air in.

It has a handle that is telescopic and can be adjusted according to the user’s height. This handle can be locked into place to prevent it from falling off when you are on the go.

It has rugged tires that can work well in any terrain such as sand, dirt, grass, or cement. It gives you a smooth ride thanks to the front wheels that has suspensions and low bearings. The back wheels have fenders too. For the brakes, it has a break that is easy to step on.

When it comes to folding the Veer Cruiser is so cool. You can have a compact fold by collapsing the foot rest and folding the sides and seats. It has a small enough footprint that it can fit in any trunk without a problem.


When it comes to features, this wagon stroller comes with 2-drink holders that is configurable in six different ways for whatever position is convenient to you. It comes with 2 drink and snack trays.

You can buy some accessories for this stroller like a nap system, storage basket, a canopy, a travel bag or a comfort seat cover but these are sold separately and you need to cash out some money for this.

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Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon

Keenz 7s is a wagon stroller that is packed with features that is both convenient and comfortable for parents and kids. It is a bit pricy, but it is worth it with all the features it offers.

This stroller is usable by your children once they learn to sit up on their own. The wagon is spacious and has a five-point harness to keep your children safe. It can support weight up to 110 pounds, good enough space for smaller children but may be an issue for larger children.

The stroller is easy to fold but it is not compact enough and it is hard to move because of the wheel rubbing against each other. It has an on and off brake switch which is easy to access. According to some parents this stroller is hard to turn. A small button is provided that will allow you to lock the wheels straight and avoid it from turning 360 degrees.

The handles on the Keenz 7s are on both sides of the stroller and pushing whichever side is convenient. You have also an option to lock it place when you are not using it. It can also be adjusted according to your height. It has a canopy that is very tall so shorter parents may have a hard time seeing over it.


This wagon stroller has a flat design making it easier to have naps while you are traveling. It has anti shock feature on that can provide your child to have a smooth ride. It has a padded fabric that can be removed and can be machine washed.

Other notable features are collapsible roof and a mesh sun protector that is perfect against sunlight. It also has storage area and cup holders.

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