Uppababy vs Nuna: Which is Better?

In this Uppababy vs Nuna comparison article, we will have a detailed comparison on the good and the bad of these two lovely stroller products.

In this comparison we will have a head to head comparison between the Uppababy Vista vs Nuna Mixx. Both are great quality strollers. They have similar size and weight, with simple fold, reversible seats, sturdy and all suspension wheels and compatibility with a bassinet or a car stroller.

The Companies

Before we go to Uppababy Vs Nuna in depth comparison, let us take a look on the history of both company:

Uppababy is an American company that is based in Rockland Massachusetts. It was founded in 2006 and been providing the world with great quality strollers for years now. The goal of the company is to design and deliver to the world products that are premium, savvy, very stylistic and provides simple but helpful features.

Nuna is a brand that is based in Amsterdam. It was launched in 2007. The company has three words motto, Simple. Practical. Stylish. Nuna is manufactured with practical side of the family as its source of inspiration.

Strollers Overview

Uppababy Vista

This is a versatile stroller. It is primary a stroller for single baby with a bassinet inclusion. But if you purchase a second seat it can transform into stroller for two babies. There is more, if you add another accessory, and it can accommodate one more, making it a triple seat stroller.

Aside from being versatile stroller it boasts great features such as storage basket that is extra-large, standing fold and it is compatible with MESA car seat without using any adaptor.

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Nuna Mixx

This is an all-terrain and very sturdy stroller. It has features like easy fold, oversized canopy and it is made of premium fabric with a sturdy but lightweight frame that is matte black.

This stroller is new-born ready; it has a true flat recline which is great. You have an option to use a bassinet or a car seat which are sold separately.



When it comes to configuration, both the Vista and Nuna Mixx seats can be reversed and be removed. This allows your kid to have an option to either face the world while on the stroller or face you while you are on the stroll. Both has infant car seat compatibility.

But the Vista has edged the Mixx when it comes to versatility. Vista can be converted into a double stroller by adding another seat and even a triple stroller by adding a MESA infant car seat. It can also be configured in different combination with a bassinet and infant car seat.

Dimensions and Weight

The Vista compared to the Nuna Mixx in terms of weight is quite similar. Even though the Vista has the ability to support two children or more. When it comes to dimension the Vista is longer and wider versus the Mixx.

The Mixx weighs 26.8 pounds while the Vista has weight in pounds at 26.6. Both have a stroller limit of 50 pounds.

When it comes to dimensions the Vista has a length of 36 inches by 25.7 inches width by 39.5 inches height. When folded the Vista has dimension of 17.3 length by 25.7 width by 33 height all in inches. While the Mixx has dimension of 16 inches length by 23.6 inches width by 35.8 inches height.

For the wheel sizes the Vista has 8 inches front wheels and 11.5 inches rear wheels. While for the Mixx it has a slightly smaller front and rear wheels at 7.5 inches and 11 inches respectively.

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Both the Mixx and Vista can be folded easily in a variety of ways.

The Uppababy Vista can stand when folded. This very convenient for lifting and storing the stroller in a car. This standing position of the stroller helps the canopy and the seat to be protected from getting dirty when stored. Additionally, in the standing position the bumper bar is exposed so it is easy to access when you try to lift the stroller

While the Mixx on the other hand is the only stroller that is easy fold even if the seat is facing in either position. The stroller has a clamshell fold that protects the fabrics from dirt. Additionally, the fold can also make the Mixx resemble a suitcase and ca be trolleyed for ease of carrying.

Car Seat Compatibility

The Uppababy MESA is an infant car seat for the Vista but other car seat brands are also compatible, but you should use the right adaptor for it. These adaptors are sold separately.

The car seat that are compatible with the Vista are the following: UPPAbaby MESA, Nuna PIPA series, Cybex Aton Q, Aton, Aton 2, and Cloud Q, Peg-Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 and 4-35 Nido, Clek Liing, and Chicco KeyFit.

Nuna on the other hand has its own car seat the Nuna PIPA, Lite, and Lite LX. Adapters are included with the purchase of these car seats.


If you have a newborn baby both the Mixx and Vista can support a bassinet. It is a safe place for babies to sleep, especially for overnight sleeping.

For Vista, the bassinet comes with your purchase but for the Mixx the bassinet is sold separately. For canopy, the Vista has UPF 50+ visor that extends from the canopy while for the MIxx it includes Dream Drape a signature magnetized cover from Nuna.

Both bassinets are well ventilated with mesh panels providing airflow to your baby for a cool feel. They both have a hard bottom allowing them to be placed anywhere and allowing your baby to have convenient naps even on restaurants or hotels.

Both bassinets offer a stand that can be bough separately. That can be used for other purposes when the baby outgrows them at the age of 6 months.

Bassinet dimensions on Vista are 31 inches length by 17 inches width by 25 inches height. While for Mixx has the dimensions of 35 inches length by 16.5 inches width by 24.5 inches height, slightly smaller than the bassinet in Vista.

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Uppababy Vista

Aside being expanded to into a double stroller to accommodate two child it can also accommodate a third child when you buy another accessory.

It includes a bassinet on your purchase.

Compatible with other car seats aside from Uppababy MESA.

It has a large storage basket.

Light for a convertible stroller.

Has a variety of color options compared to the Mixx.

Nuna Mixx

It costs less than the Vista.

Easily folds while the seats are facing either way.

Can be folded into a trolley for easy transport.

Seat reclines in belly flat position for newborns and toddler napping.


Uppababy Vista

Cost more than the Nuna Mixx.

Expansion capabilities may not be needed for some.

It is wider and longer compared to the Mixx.

Even when reclined the footrest remains, leaving the child’s leg elevated.

Nuna Mixx

It is not expandable into a double stroller like the Vista.

Needs to buy a separate adapter for car seats.

Have few color options.

Shorter warranty compared to Uppababy’s.

Few accessories are compatible.


So my verdict for this Uppababy vs Nuna article, well if you are purchasing for a stroller for a single baby and no intentions of using a double stroller in the future then buy the Nuna Mixx if you have plans of expanding then buy the Uppababy Vista.

Both are great strollers, but with Uppababy Vist vs Nuna Mixx when it comes to price you Vista is more expensive because of its versatility.

That is it for this article on Uppababy vs Nuna. Hope you learned a lot from this article.

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