Uppababy Vista Vs Cruz Comparison Guide

In this page you will read our Uppababy Vista vs Cruz comparison review guide. We will discuss the similarities and difference of these two great strollers from Uppababy. We will also answer other questions such as the pros and cons, the best price, where to buy and which we think is the winner.

Deciding on what stroller to buy especially in this case that is from the same brand is very difficult. It can get complicated as you learn more about the features of the product. You need to way many considerations to choose the best stroller for your bundle of joy.

About Uppababy

Before we dive into the tiny details of each stroller on this Uppababy Vista vs Cruz comparison review, let us first have a brief look on the company that made these awesome strollers.

Uppababy is an American company that provides strollers and car seat for babies and toddlers. Their products are designed in Rockland, Massachusetts and manufacturing is made in China. Its primary goal is to deliver high standard products that can be appreciated by parents worldwide. The company aims to design strollers that are more savvy, stylistic and easier to use.

Founded in 2006 it has been providing quality strollers for more than a decade now.

Strollers Overview

Uppababy Vista

Uppababy VistaUppababy Vista Stroller is one of the most popular strollers because of its amazing build, design and features. It gathered mostly popular reviews among parents who bought it. It has an upcoming version this 2020 and for sure aside from the features it already has, added extras will be surely offered. Notable features are the removable seat, the extra-large storage basket, its very own bassinet and large and durable wheels.

One that is worth mentioning is that the stroller is convertible and can turn into a double tandem stroller. And it does not stop their you can do a variety of position combination. You can have two infant car seats, two stroller seats or bassinets and do a combination of these. These is a pretty much a great choice if you want to have a second baby.

Uppababy Cruz

Uppababy CruzAnother great stroller from the same maker Uppababy. Price wise one could say that it is a downgrade to the Vista, but it is not that much. It is still an amazing stroller, although it lacks a bassinet. It has slightly smaller basket that Vista has but still way bigger than other strollers, smaller wheels and a bit narrower too. The Cruz in intended only as a single stroller, perfect for those families who wants a significant year gap between children.

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Uppababy Vista vs Cruz Comparison


The Uppababy Vista dimensions are 36 inches by 25.6 inches by 39.5 inches. Its folded dimension is 17.3 inches by 25.7 inches by 33 inches.

The Uppababy Cruz on the other hand measures 37 inches by 22.3 inches by 40.5 inches. Additionally, when folded its dimensions are 17 inches by 22.3 inches by 36 inches.

When it comes to size and dimension the only difference between the Uppababy Vista vs Cruz is their width. The Vista is wider compared to the Cruz, so the latter is little bit compact and great for navigating through a crowd especially on cities.

Age and Weight Capacity

These two strollers have seats recommended for babies and toddlers from the age of  3 months to up to 50 lbs. If you have a newborn baby, you can attached Infant accessory like an infant bassinet or car seat to add head and neck support.

These two, the Vista and Cruz have canopies can be slide up in order to create additional headroom for you growing child. This feature is unique and cannot be seen on other strollers.

The Uppababy Vista has the Rumble Seat and Toddler Seat. The lower Rumble Seat can hold up 35 pounds and the Toddler Seat that can carry up to 50 pounds. While the Cruz has a weight capacity of also 50 pounds.


The Uppababy Vista weighs 26.6 pounds while the Uppababy Cruz weighs 21.5 pounds.

The Vista weighs 5 pounds more than the Cruz. This is because the Vista has larger wheels than the Cruz


The Uppababy Vista wheels are made of 8 inches polyurethane front wheels. The rear wheels are sized 11.5 inches. All the wheels have suspension.

While the Uppababy Cruz wheels are made of 6.4 inches polyurethane front wheels and 8.5 inches rear wheels, with suspension on all wheels.

In terms of wheel size, the Vista edges the Cruz. The larger back wheels on the Vista gives the stroller more maneuverability than the Cruz. Since the wheels on Vista are bigger so it is smooth and less bumpy on the road. It will negotiate rough terrains like, gravel, snow and grass easily compared to the Cruz.


A bassinet is needed but not required when you are using the stroller with a newborn baby. It will allow your baby to lay completely flat and will provide better support for the head and neck allowing your baby to breath with ease. They are well ventilated to allow air to pass through and prevent your baby from sweating.

A bassinet comes with your purchase with the Vista. So, your bound to get it even if you want it or not. This is great cause you do not need to pay more just to get the bassinet.

While the Uppababy Cruz does not have a bassinet out of the box. If you want one you can buy it separately. No adapter is required when you use the bassinet on both strollers.

Both the Vista and Cruz bassinet is approved for letting your baby sleep overnight on it making it handy when you are a frequent traveler and sleeps on others house or a hotel.


Configuration wise, these two strollers, the Vista and Cruz are versatile. Stroller seat can be removed and also reversible, this can give you an option for your child to face you while riding on it or face the world to see its beauty.

Both are also bassinet compatible. It is included in the Vista but need to be bought separately on the Cruz.

The Upppababy Vista has more configurations compared to the Cruz. It can be configured into a double stroller by adding a second seat.

Car Seat Compatibility

The Vista and Cruz can be attached with the Uppababy MESA directly to the frame to both strollers without needing for an adaptor.

With an adaptor these car seats are compatible with both strollers. It inclides the Chicco, Peg-Perego, Nuna and Maxi Cosi.


These two strollers can be folded similarly, and both when folded can stand with out holding it. The folded state is great to keep the stroller away from getting dirt and dust. The second seat on the Vista can be removed prior to the folding of it.

Here is the video on how to fold the Uppababy Vista.

Here is the video on how to fold the Uppababy Cruz.

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The price of the Uppababy Vista cost more compared to the Cruz. For the Vista can cost 899.99 to 959.99 USD. The price varies on what color and fabric you choose. The additional 350 USD price compared to the Cruz is because of the bassinet that is included with the Vista.

While the Cruz is priced from 189.99 to 199.99 USD, it is 350 USD less the price of the Vista.

Pros and Cons

These are the benefits and the cons of each stroller.

Uppababy Vista

Uppababy VistaPros

This stroller is durable and can last for many years to come. First on our benefit list is that the stroller can be configured to a double stroller by adding a secondary seat. This will allow you to save money on another stroller for a second baby, you can just another seat and you are good to go.

Second is that it has all well suspension and has larger wheels. This feature can give so much maneuverability over off road terrains and rough roads. Giving your baby a smooth ride is one of our priorities as parents.

Third, this stroller can give you multiple configurations and will allow you to use two  two stroller seats, infant car seats, and two bassinets or a combination of each.

Fourth, the out of the box bassinet can be used and is safe for letting your baby sleep on it overnight, it is well ventilated can provide support to your baby’s neck and head.

Fifth, the storage basket on the Vista is bigger than the one Cruz. It allows you to store more things that your baby will need while at the beach or at the park.


If there are benefits, there are also drawbacks on the Vista. First, it costs more than the Cruz by 350 USD.

Second, it has added weight of 5 pounds because all the features that it has.

Lastly, the bassinet included is at 190 USD value which some parents may not use.

Uppababy Cruz

Uppababy CruzPros

The Uppababy Cruz weighs less than the Vista by 5 pounds. It is easier too carry the stroller in and out of your car.

Second it costs less by 350 USD and can still be used with your second child by adding the Uppababy Piggyback board.


The Uppababy Cruz cannot accommodate a second seat like the Vista. Moreover, it has smaller wheels that it can’t go over rough terrains well and it is less maneuverable in doing curbs.

There are only two-wheel suspension which is less compared to the four-wheel suspension on the Vista. This gives the Cruz less smoother rides than the Vista.

Lastly, bassinet is not included in this stroller out of the box you need to buy it separately.

Where to Buy?

The best place to buy these strollers is on Amazon. Why? Because it’s the best price and fastest shipping.

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Final Verdict

Well both are great strollers, and both have specific uses. Like if I have 2 children that a year or more apart, I will choose the Uppababy Vista. Its ability to convert into the double stroller is a money saver for sure. The stroller is pricy though but with the features and its durability, I will but it for sure.

Well if I have a child only, I will choose the Cruz. It would be perfect for me.

That is it for our post article on this Uppababy Vista vs Cruz comparison review. Hope this will help you in choosing your next stroller.