Uppababy Vista Double Review: Is it Good?

In this Uppababy Vista Double review we will have a detailed look on what is good and what is bad about this stroller from Uppababy.

Uppababy Vista Double is a versatile stroller. The most notable feature about this stroller, is its ability to hold multiple babies at the same time. Thanks to its configurable seating options that can include two bassinets, two toddlers’ seats or a combination of both.

The Company

Before we go to the details of this stroller on this Uppababy Vista Double Review, let us mention first the background of the maker of this stroller. Uppababy is a company that is based in the United States of America. It has a more than a decade worth of experience when in comes to manufacturing baby and toddler products such as strollers and bassinets. Its inspiration as a company of making quality products is drawn from family daily experience. The company is doing its best to continue to produce products that are lighter, safer, easier to use, convenient, have great usability and style.


When it comes to quality, the Vista can compete with higher price brands. The fabric used in the stroller is of high quality and durable. The padding used for the seat is dense and thick. The fabric neatly hugs the metal.

Frame of the Vista is made from aluminum alloy, it is very sleek and stylish. Less plastic has been used in the design of the stroller making it pleasing to the eye and very functional.

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Now let us take a detailed look on the features that the Uppababy Vista double possess:


The Uppababy Vista has a large storage bin that can carry a capacity of 30 pounds. It can fit an extra size diaper bag easily. The storage is securely sewn together both from the inside to the back, making organization of things easy. When it comes to accessibility of the storage bin it is good but when the seats are reclined it becomes limited.

Fold and Unfold

The Vista is designed with an easy two step auto lock that also has a self-stand feature. It requires you to use two hands in order to fold the stroller. Folding is easy but please be careful enough to avoid falling the strollers on your feet.

Ease of Use

Among the top strollers of its kind, the Vista is rated high when it comes to ease of use. According to parents and individuals who have used the stroller it is easy to use.

Expandability & Car Seat Compatibility

The Vista double stroller can be added with another seat, you just need to add a rumble seat, bassinet or Piggyback, these are sold separately.

When it comes to car seat compatibility, the Vista has the ability to accept car seats from different brands without having to buy a separate adaptor to make it work.

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Seats on the Vista are like most inline strollers, but it is different in its own way. It has leg and footrests that are adjustable and can be moved up and down. The footrest is made of plastic and wide while the leg can be adjusted to what angle you like.

Both the seats on the Vista comes with recline features. These recline feature can be adjusted using the push button located at the top back of the seat. The two seats can recline into many configurations, the front seat can recline into 4 positions while the back can do 6. When both are facing forward, recline is less because of the leg rest of the backseat.


When it comes to harness, the Vista has a 5-point harness. This harness is easy to put on and off and is adjustable. It comes also with a shoulder strap that can be adjusted according to your child’s height. The straps material is made from non-rethread which is simple and quicker to use than others. Getting the strap off is easy with one hand push and it goes away right away.


The sunshade on the Vista is made of thick fabric, thicker than its predecessor and has an SPF rating of 50+. It boasts a pop out sun visor, a great ventilation, and a peek a boo window with large mesh. The window is see-through and equipped with magnetic closure that gives you the ease of closing and opening the sunshade. What is good is the canopy can cover your child up their knees and the height can be adjusted according to your child’s height.


A single action brake is equipped in the Vista. The break is sandal friendly that you can just press it to set and release. It has also a color indicator to tell if it is parked because it on red or go because it is color green.

Weight and Folded Size

The Vista weighs 32.3 pounds with the second seat attached. When folded it measures approximately more than 28 thousand cubic inches. Generally, this stroller is large and heavy, which is a con of this stroller.


When it comes to this area, the Vista has great maneuverability even if it is not a jogging stroller. Its wheels are made of rubber rather than plastic. When it comes to turning and pushing on hard surfaces, Vista performs decently. Even on grass the Vista performs well. While on uneven surfaces the Vista get caught up on holes and bumps same when passed through gravel.

The Vista has an adjustable handlebar. It is high enough that you can avoid kicking the rear of the stroller when walking. The handle is covered in leather and foam makes it easier to hold and push. It has an adjustment button on the center which prevent you from pushing the stroller one handedly.

The Vista has a sling-style seats that has shocks and padding all around. The seat is comfortable enough even if the ride is bumpy.


Overall, this stroller is a standout. It is one of the few strollers in the market that can hold multiple children at once making it perfect for big families. The only setback is it is quite heavy and not ideal for travel in an airplane or subway.

That ends my Uppababy Vista Double review. Hope you enjoy the article, see you on the next one.

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