Uppababy Travel System Review: Is it Good?

In this Uppababy Travel System review we will have a detailed look on what is good and bad about this product so you can decide if this system is for you.

Uppababy Travel System is composed of the Uppababy Vista V2, a bassinet that is included in your purchase and the MESA car, the Rumble Seat and the Piggyback board which can you buy separately to complete your setup. The car seat can be attached to your stroller without needing any adaptor for it. It is easy to remove and can be detached by pressing one button.

The Uppababy Vista V2 is the updated version of the previous model. Like its predecessor it can be configured into any configuration you like. Whether you are bringing one child, twins or even three children at the same time.

The Uppababy Vista is ready to use from newborn to a toddler. A bassinet is included with your purchase, great for newborns’ overnight sleeping or even on out of towns, restaurants, and hotels. If your family has grown you can add a second seat and if you another you can add a glider board, three children can be accommodated.

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Here are the specifications of the Uppababy Travel System:

Colors – Taylor, Loic, Gregory, Jordan, Jake, Henry, Emmet, Bryce Wiliam and Spenser

Dimensions – When open: 91.4 cm length x 65.3cm width x 100 cm height

When folded with seat: 44 cm length x 65.3 cm width x 83.8 cm height

Weight it can sustain – up to 22 kilograms

Stroller weight – 12 kilograms

Accessories –     MESA infant car seat with base included, carrycot and its stand, piggy board, car seat adaptors, wheel reflectors, rumble seat, parent organizer, cup holder, snack tray and travel bag

Warranty – up to 3 years

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Seating Options

When you unbox the Uppababy Vista, you will receive one seat unit and carrycot. This will allow you to use the stroller from birth to toddler. You can purchase additionally the MESA infant car seat so you can transfer your baby from the car to the stroller frame even without waking up you baby especially when asleep.

MESA Infant Car Seat

If you have a newborn the infant car seat and stroller is especially important in your everyday living. The MESA infant car seat is made from great fabric an indication that is of premium quality. The fabric used and the design is thoughtfully made that you see the attention to detail.

The MESA infant car seat is up to date with its standards and it is easy tot install. Safety is in the core of its design that parents are assured in the safety of their child. It is deep and newborns can snuggly and comfortably fit in the seat. With added insert you are sure that your newborn’s spine will develop correctly. It has an adjustable headrest and a built-in hood which can be operated independently from the carry handle. This hood has a UPF rating and can protect your baby from the sun.

Using the MESA infant car seat is absolutely a treat. Removing the seat from the chassis is just easy with the thumb release button. No separate adaptors are needed. Moving your baby is snappy and it won’t interrupt your baby’s sleep.


When it comes to the carrycot, which can be used also for newborns, is made from fabric that is comfortable and cozy. It is big enough for a 6-month-old baby. The fabric is premium and soft and equipped with a hood for baby privacy. It has also a visor that can be pulled down easily and has a sun protection of UPF 50 plus. This is great for overnight sleeping especially on out of town trips.

Stroller Seat

The stroller seat is not assembled out of the box you need a little bit of assembling. You need to fit the bumper bar because the harness and the hood are already attached. All you have to do is click it onto the stroller frame facing away from the handlebar.

The seat is wide and deep enough to accommodate passenger up to 22 kilograms. The recline on the seat is adjustable and you can do so by using the lever on the back of the seat. The harness is adjustable and is of high quality, so security is guaranteed. You need to press the U-shaped button to release the harness.

Additionally, it has a canopy that is extendable. It can be pulled out to cover your baby totally. A viewing window is provided on the top to keep your baby ventilated and can let you peek your baby without disturbing them. Finally, it is fitting to note that the Vista comes with a rain cover and bug shield for both the carrycot and the toddler seat.

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Even if the is Vista is a large travel system, it is easy enough to fold. You can fold it even if the seat is facing forward but if you are using a MESA infant car seat or carrycot, you need to remove these before you can fold the chassis.

You can do this by pulling up the grey triggers simultaneously, which are located on the side of the chassis. It is easy peasy do not worry. When the time comes to putting it in your car or you are mostly traveling with the stroller it is easy enough to store and it has an auto lock clip that keeps it in place. The Vista when folded can free stand in the storage area of the bus. It is secure enough and you can be assured that it can be damage free.

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That is the end of my Uppababy Travel System review. See you on the next one!