Uppababy Minu Review: Is it Good?

In this Uppababy Minu review we will do a detailed look on the good and bad of this product and the features that makes this product standout.

About the Company

Before we delve into the details of this Uppababy Minu review, let us first take a look about the company. Uppababy is an American company that makes lighter strollers and other baby products. The company is dedicated in making high quality baby products that parents can appreciate. The owners of the company are Bob and Lauren. The company has already 30 years of experience in this field.

They claim that they are different from other companies in the sense that they base the design on real life experiences of parents to raise the standards, the style and performance of their products. They boast a great customer service that they flaunt.

Uppababay Minu

Uppababy Minu is your lightweight stroller that can be your everyday stroller. It is made of highly durable materials that you can use for so many years. It is suited for city living and for those moms that travel frequently, a stroller that can make you travel lightly and fast. The design of this stroller takes into consideration comfortability and convenience. It is not bulky that it can fit into small spaces.

Although this is a lightweight stroller, it is packed with many features that you can find in full sized strollers. Among these features are bigger canopy, compatibility with car seats, deeper recline and suspension wheels.


The Uppababy Minu is a stroller that is packed with so many features. It is lightweight stroller that is perfect for newborn babies as well as toddlers. It is compatible with any infant car set and other car accessories. The stroller is made of high-quality materials and fabrics that you can guarantee that it could last long and can be even be used by your future babies. The canopy is quite big compared to the usual strollers of the same specifications. It is easy to fold, and it is compact, a great feature for those parents that are always traveling or use the public transport every day. It is an everyday stroller and perfect for stroll on the mall park and other similar places. Lastly the weight of this stroller is easy to the arms and can be carried effortlessly, weighs only nearly 15 pounds.

The specifics of each feature on this Uppababy Minu review will be discussed on the following paragraphs.


The seat of the Uppababy Minu is very deep and wide. It can accommodate babies from 3 months old to up to 50 pounds. The sides of the seats are so wide that it can provide an extra room for you baby. The measurement are 13 inches by 18 inches wide, it is 26 inches from the top to the bottom of the seat.

The seat has a recline system suitable for young babies from 3 months onwards. A strap is provided to secure your baby a 5-point padded harness that features a center release buckle.

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Car Seat Compatibilityuppababy minu

Car seat compatibility is available in Uppababay Minu, especially for newborns and infants. You can choose its own Uppababy MESA and other car seats brands such as Maxi Cosi, Cybex and Nuna. This compatibility is a big thumbs up for Minu, not every lightweight stroller is compatible with infant car seats. You need a special adaptor though to make it work.


The Uppababy Minu has two large panels of canopy that is UPF 50 plus which is huge enough to cover your baby against the weather. It has also a sun visor that pops out and can provide a full coverage and protects your babies from sun rays. The sun visor can be tucked in neatly and it is not taking so much space and provides you need protection when needed. A peekaboo window made out of dark mesh is also provided which is large enough to allow air to circulate especially on hot days. A magnetic closure is used in the peekaboo window instead of the usual Velcro, which for me is great feature because Velcro for me is noisy and sometimes awaken the child.


The handlebar of the Uppababy Minu is in a great height above ground at specifically 42 inches, which is at a great height for a compact fold stroller. It is not adjustable though which is not good for too tall or too short parents. It is covered in leather though that will give you a nice grip.


Wheels on the Uppababy Minu are rubber wheels. The front and the back wheels have different sizes, the front is smaller while the back wheels are bigger. The front wheels pivot making the stroller easy to navigate because it is agile. Compared to other lightweight strollers of this specification, the Minu wheels are of typical sized. These wheels though are great for city dwellers and great for flat surfaces like pavements, sidewalks, subways, malls and parks. I am afraid these wheels will not perform well on bumpy dirt roads.

The Minu is equipped with all wheel suspension that is not common on lightweight strollers. It may have small wheels, but the suspensions compliment it, giving your child a smooth and less bumpy ride. It can handle sidewalks cracks and some gravel path smoothly.

For the breaks the stroller has two pedals, one for locking the wheels not to move and one for releasing it. The breaks provided is easy to use, for locking you just need to press the right-side pedal and indicated with a red indicator, while for unlocking you need to press the left side pedal with a green indicator.

Storage Basket

You will surprise on how the Minu has a large storage basket despite it is a lightweight stroller. The basket is located under the seat and can hold up things up to 20 pounds of weight. Essentials like diapers, bottle of water and extra clothing can easily fit on the under-seat storage basket. It is easy to access from both the front and back which a big plus. There is also separate pocket located in the back of the seat for storing your keys, phones wallet and other valuables.


The Minu is compact and lightweight. It only weighs 14.8 pounds which is light enough to be carried with one hand and a shoulder strap is also provided so you can carry it just like a sling bag. It lightweight enough to be easily taken out of the car trunk and can be carried up and down stairs, especially for those do the daily commute through the subway.


Uppababy Minu is a compact stroller and can be easily folded with one hand in just a few seconds. This stroller is extremely handy especially when you have a toddler who can already walk. Toddlers can walk for a few meters but can rest a little bit when tired. When your toddler wants to walk, the Minu can easily be folded and be carried on your shoulder using the strap with ease.

The Minu can be folded by itself, you just have to press the two buttons located in the handlebar, slide one button to thee side and gently press the one and the Minu will be folded right away. Its easy peasy, the stroller can also stand on its own and locks itself automatically when folded. To unfold it you just need to unlatch it before opening.

The Minu takes a very small space and perfect for parents with a smaller car. Additionally, if your apartment is a bit small the stroller can be stored without any problem. Included in the box when you purchase a Minu is a storage bag to keep your stroller and prevent it from getting dirty when you are travelling.

Although is takes up a small space the Minu cannot be considered as a carry-on baggage on planes and it cannot fit on the overhead compartment of planes. The dimensions of the Minu when folded is 11.5 by 20.5 by 23 so it is beyond as a carry on.

If you have a basinnet for your infant, the Minu can be folded together with the bassinet. This is very convenient because you don’t have to remove the bassinet and re attached it when needed.

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Here are the pros of the Minu on this Uppababy Minu review. First the deep recline is a plus because it allows you to have lots of head space and ensure that the baby is comfortable.

Second is that the extended able canopy is great. You can be sure that there is an ample amount of shade is given to your baby and you are sure that the baby is protected against all types of weather.

Third, the magnetic peek a boo window is great it can provide enough ventilation to your baby. Another great feature is the magnetic closure which is noise free compared to Velcro ones.

Fourth, the storage basket is surprisingly big taking into consideration that it is a lightweight stroller.

Fifth, suspension on all wheels is great, giving a smooth ride to your baby even if you meet cracks on the sidewalk.

Lastly, it is compact and portable. Perfect for small apartments and cars and also handy when traveling via airplanes. It is very lightweight and easy to carry especially it has a shoulder strap.


The Minu is great but it has also cons. First is that the smalls are small and not suitable for off roading stroll.

Second, the handlebar is not adjustable. This may be a problem for parents that are too short or too tall cause they cannot adjust the handlebar to their suitable height.

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In this Uppababy Minu review I will rate this stroller 4 out of 5. It is lightweight and portable. The one that stands out for me is how the canopy is very generous. It is wide and with the added sun visor for me it is a great feature. The seat is very wide and will provide so much room for your baby. Together with the harness that is a plus for me. The fact that you can carry it on a shoulder strap is a great feature especially for those parents that are travelers and do the daily commute. The only downside for me is the handlebar because it cannot be adjusted and the small wheels.

Overall this stroller is a superb stroller and I highly recommend this one for parents out there.

That’s it for my Uppababy Minu review. I really hope this review article is a great help for you. See you on the next one.