Uppababy Bassinet Review: Is it Good?

In this Uppababy Bassinet review, we will have a detailed take on what is good and bad about this product to help you find the right bassinet for your baby.

When it comes to bassinet, the Uppababy bassinet is a great choice. It can be use for both home and on the go use because it is well built. It is dubbed as the most versatile bassinet in the market right now because it has impressive features. The bassinet can be used for your newborn babies up to 5 months.


When it comes to quality the Uppababy bassinet is average. When it comes to attention to detail Uppababy normally gives us on point premium quality products. But for this one the real downside of this is the stand. The stand is made of wood and smooth, but it lacks design. Additionally, the stand wiggles under pressure and somewhat unstable and may cause tilting. But overall, the bassinet has a fit design and finish. The materials used for the bassinet is durable and the stitches are premium.

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Sleep Surface

The Uppababy bassinet sleeping surface is made of a firm mattress. It is soft and has great compression. The mattress fits the space snugly and provides a firm supportive sleep. When you put a slight pressure on the end of the bassinet it tilts slightly.


Although the Uppababy bassinet have some holes beneath the mattress pad, the product is not that breathable overall. It has narrow width and padded liner limiting its ability to be breathable.

It does not have a mesh and may not be safe for overnight sleep because your baby can end up being pressed on the nylon thread if not monitored. This bassinet is designed for outdoor walks. Its design is more on protecting your baby from the elements, which this bassinet does a great job.

For the above reasons, this bassinet is not recommended for overnight sleeping.


When it comes to cleaning the Uppababy bassinet’s mattress cover can be clean through machine wash and outside the bassinet can be wiped clean.

Ease of Setup

Right out from the box this bassinet can be set up easily. It clicks into place together with the stand.


The Uppababy bassinet is very portable and can go anywhere with you. It is lightweight and small enough to be carried anywhere. It is quite easy to put and get it from the stand.

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Pros and Cons

Here are the good and the bad about the Uppababy Bassinet:


The bassinet is sturdy.

It can carry weight up to 20 pounds or up to 6 months of age.

It is easy to carry because it is lightweight.

Transporting it seamless because it can be folded flat.

It attaches perfectly to the Uppababy stroller.

The overhead canopy is great and keeps the baby cozy for better sleep.

Approved for overnight sleep.


Not designed for bedside accessibility.

Height is fixed and is not adjustable.


The Uppababy bassinet is a great option when you want your baby to sleep in your room. It is very portable and can be kept with an easy fold. You can even carry it anywhere. The stand is not that sturdy though, but it is good enough.

When it comes to cleaning this bassinet is quite easy to clean and can be machine washed. I strongly suggest getting this bassinet especially if you already have the Uppababy stroller, this will complete your Uppababy Travel System.

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