Best Portable Bassinet: What is the Best Choice?

In this best portable bassinet, we will recommend a list and have a detailed look on the good and bad of each on the list.

Things to Look For

When searching for the best portable bassinet you need to consider many things. You only want the best for you bundle of joy, so it is important to choose a product the provides safety features. Things you need to look for portable stroller should be stability, firmness of mattress.

Mattress Firmness

A firm mattress is a good indication for a good portable bassinet. A soft one can lead to obstruction of your baby’s breathing so it is important that infants should sleep on a firm mattress with fitted sheets and no other bedding.


A good portable bassinet should be sturdy and can resist tipping over even if a pet or child leans over or pulls on the side. Plus, always make sure to supervise pets and children around babies and make sure that they cannot cause actions.

Here is our list of best portable bassinet:

SNOO Smart Sleeper

The SNOO Smart Sleeper is a bassinet is pricy but has amazing features. Then, the SNOO Sleeper is automatic in responding to your baby when it fusses by rocking gently and playing white noise music putting your baby back to sleep right away. This helps the baby sleep longer because of this feature. Babies responds by sleeping 1-2 hours more or possibly overnight. Plus, it has wings that help baby to be safe from breathing difficulty keeping your baby safe. This feature is loved by parents.

This bassinet is vibrating, even the fussiest baby will love this bassinet. It has a womb like motion and sound that helps baby relax and keeps them sleeping for hours. The SNOO sacks that is connected to the wings is a feature that keeps the baby in a safe position for sleeping. Lastly, this a great solution for newborn sleeping problems but it is pricey.


An app can be used to adjust sound, sensitivity, and motion.

Responds automatically when baby fusses.

It can mimic the sound and motion of the womb.


No extra storage for essentials like diapers.

It is expensive.

Check price of SNOO Smart Sleeper

Lillypod Bassinet / Cradle

The Lillypod Bassinet is a portable bassinet that has an eye-catching design. The bassinet has a premium-comfort mattress that helps your baby sleep well. It also functions as a cradle at the same time. It can be brought anywhere and can be rocked easily. Additionally, the bassinet is made of quality materials that it can last for years.

The colors of this bassinet are neutral, and it has a design that keeps your baby’s sleeping area stylish. Moreover, it is lightweight that it can be transported from room to room with ease. Lastly, it has a side mesh that can allow air to flow.


It is lightweight and can be carried anywhere.

Can be rocked put baby back to sleep

Premium mattress.

The design is modern.


It is difficult to see the baby from the side.

Mattress may be short for some newborns.

Check price of Lillypod Bassinet

Brica Fold N Go Travel

The Brica Fold N Go Travel is a portable bassinet that is dubbed a s the true travel bassinet. If you are a parent that is always on the go, this bassinet is for you. This bassinet is a useful little baby bed that can be brought anywhere you go from parks, in the road and anywhere. Moreover, this is an affordable option if you want a portable bassinet for your baby.

This bassinet is versatile you can place it on the grass while you are at the park while the baby sleeps or be placed on the bed and use as a co-sleeper. Plus, it can be used in any flat surface, just make sure that you do not put your baby on high surface. Moreover, older baby can already scoot around and can already get out of the bassinet.


Perfect for air or car travel.

It is easy to carry and can be folded.

It has a solid underside that prevents it from moving around.

See through mesh sides.

It has locking steel frame.


Its mattress is thin.

Not sturdy enough for older babies.

Check price of Brica Fold N Go Travel

Fisher Price Rock and Play

Fisher Price Rock and Play is an improved version of a previous product. It has more space for baby to lay, a nice flat surface. In addition, it has features like a soft sleeping pad, flat folding, rocking, or standing and even toys to keep your baby happy.

One thing that is great about this portable bassinet from Fisher Price is its ability to pack it and move to another location with ease. Thanks to its ability to be folded almost flat. Additionally, it has a folded dimension of 33 by 19 inches.


It can be flat folded.

The mesh is breathable.

Machine washable.

It has a flat sleeping surface.


Pad does not stay and moves when washed.

No fancy vibration or sounds.

Check price of Fisher Price Rock and Play


The BABYBJORN Cradle is the simplest portable bassinet in the list. This bassinet has a removable and breathable mesh that surrounds it. It has a low height, so it is easy to supervise the baby from any angle. Sadly, this cannot be used as a co-sleeper because it is too low, but it is perfect for naps. It has bouncing and rocking motion to soothe fussy babies. It is light enough to be carried around everywhere. The materials used for this portable bassinet are non-toxic materials.


It has a rock and bounce features.

Very durable and made to last.

It has simplicity on its design.

It is very lightweight.

Certified non-toxic.


It has exceptionally low height.

Absence of soothing sounds.

Check price of BABYBJORN Cradle

Delta Children Sweet Beginnings

The Delta Children Sweet Beginnings is another portable bassinet. It has a sleek and elegant look. It is the more affordable bassinet in the list. The bassinet has built in bells and whistles. Plus, it has a canopy the keeps away light from disturbing your baby when they are sleeping. A storage basket is found underneath, perfect for carrying diapers, blankets, and extra clothes. Additionally, it plays a soothing lullabies and sound that help your little one to sleep. The wheels have locks to keep it in place.


Has a storage basket.

It has a soothing lullaby.

Lightweight and easy to move around.

It has simple design.

The bassinet is very affordable.


Canopy does not give full coverage.

Height cannot be adjusted.

Check price of Delta Children Sweet Beginnings