Mima Xari Review: Is it Good?

In this Mima Xari article post we will review this stunning looking buggy from a new brand in the stroller market and we will tackle the features it has. As well as the good and bad about this stroller. We will also have our own verdict if this stroller is worth buying or not.


Mima is abrand that is new in the stroller market, but do not be fooled by its being a green horn in the market. It has gained praise from parents and customers, plus the brand is already popular.

The first thing you will notice with the Mima Xari is that it is incredibly unique and futuristic design. This luxury stroller has a sleek and flashy that is for sure a head turner wherever you will go.

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Here are the features of the Mima Xari.


When it comes to comfort, the Mima Xari offers optimum comfort. It gives you a flat recline even if you are seating either way. It is still comfortable even if you leave the bassinet in the baby seat. The seat can support weight up to 37 lbs so you can use the stroller for years to come and if you have twins Xari has an option to add another seat.


For storage, the Mima Xari has two storage location in the front and back. The front storage is a flip container while the back is a small pocket bag. The back storage is perfect for storing essential like phone, wallet, keys, and other smaller things.


When it comes to assembling the Mima Xari, it is extremely easy to assemble, and you can do it in just 10 minutes. Tools are not needed in assembling this stroller, everything just locks into place. The manual is easy to understand and not complicated.


The Mima Xari come with a carry cot apron and a rain cover with your purchase. Not so much though but its those are essential ones. But if you want to buy more accessories you can do it because that company sells accessories such as starter pack, winter kits and blankets.

This means you must spare more dollars to have these accessories. This is not cos effective and may be a downside for this stroller.


When it comes to maneuverability the Mima Xari has wheels that never goes flat. It is puncture proof and it is perfect for any terrain including rough ones. The front wheel can turn 360 degrees and runs wheel on rugged and snowy terrain.


The handlebar of the Mima Xari is adjustable by 10 inches. The handlebar can be set as low as 33 inches and can go as high as 43 inches. This makes sure that both short and tall parents can use the handlebar with ease. It is comfortable to touch because it is laced with EVA material and looks superb.

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The Mima Xari comes with a compact fold but even if it has this feature it is still quite big and will not be considered as a travel stroller.

Ease of Use

When it comes to easiness of use, the Mima Xari can be used from birth. It can be used with a carrycot and the seat the same time without any problem. You an easily remove the carrycot by just pushing a single button.


The brakes on this stroller is superb. It is in the middle of the back wheels and is easy to access. The only downside of this stroller is that it does not have lock for the front wheels to keep it in place.


This stroller cannot be considered as a lightweight stroller, but this stroller is not that heavy. It weighs more or less 28 pounds even with the carrycot in it.


The Mima Xari is an exceptionally durable stroller. The frame of it is made of aluminum which makes it lighter and durable. The material used for it is and EVA material that is strong and easy to clean.

Pros and Cons


This stroller has a lot of storage space, very convenient for carrying essential things for your baby.

The seat has comfortable pads and offers a great seating view for your child.

It is equipped with a comfortable handlebar that allows you to navigate the stroller with ease.

The frame on this stroller is durable and surely will last for years to come.

It has a smooth transition between a stroller seat and bassinet.

The fabric used in this stroller is easy to clean.

Many color patterns and the design are beautiful.


When it comes to accessories this stroller has limitation.


The Mima Xari stroller is quite expensive stroller for the features it has but it is a good investment. You can use the stroller for years to come because of its durability. This stroller is a great stroller because it has a great design. For me this is a must buy product.

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