Chicco Viaro Vs Bravo Comparison Review For 2020

In this Chicco Viaro vs Bravo article we will discuss the features, the good and the bad of these two great strollers from the same company Chicco.

Having a child is a blessing to a family, as a parent you always give what is best for your children. Aside from giving them the basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing, you should have also a sturdy and reliable stroller for your baby.

Choosing the best stroller for your baby is not an easy task. There is so much to consider like features that a certain stroller should have for you to consider buying it. So, this article will help you in deciding what to buy between the two. On the following paragraphs we will have a detailed comparison on the features of each stroller has that you may like.

Chicco as a Company

Before we delve deeper on each individual stroller, let us look at first on the manufacturer of these two strollers

Chicco is a well-known company that has a range of products from pregnancy, breastfeeding, baby foods, clothes, baby travelling products and many more. It was founded in 1958 in Italy by Pietro Catelli. The company has been a world leader in providing high quality baby and children’s products. Thus, has been in business for 60 years and has its influence in more than 120 countries worldwide.

Why Invest in a travel system?

There are so many things to purchase when it comes to your baby, the list is quite long. You tend to appreciate and buy products that can save you time, money and will be able you to multi-task. Especially when your family always travel to places, it is a must that you have a travel system. This is greatly helpful when it comes to the hassle of say buying something from stores. It can also minimize the chances of incompatibility of your car seat.

It is true that babies cannot travel alone while on a stroller, having a travel system like a Chicco Viaro or Chicco Bravo can give you the mobility benefits since it has the car seat on it already. The stroller is hassle free to transfer from the car seat to the stroller because you can do it in a few clicks and of you go to places you want to visit such as the mall, zoo or a vacation. An additional benefit of having a travel system is that it minimizes the chance of waking up your baby when it is sound asleep.

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Chicco Viaro Stroller

The Chicco Viaro Stroller has a sporty and lightweight look that looks clean and easy to the eyes. It is a full-sized stroller. It is a pretty popular stroller and had gained a lot of positive reviews. This stroller is made specifically for city dwellers.

This product is also known as the Chicco Viaro Stroller Travel System. It has the combination of slim and sporty design that is patterned from Italian fashion. It comes with many features that families will surely love and appreciate.

Chicco Viaro has a three-wheel system. It has a dual wheel in front that can give you better steering and smooth turning. Its wheels are strong enough to handle variety of surfaces such as gravel road, paved roads and wooden trails. It is also equipped with a front suspension that serves as an impact minimizer against cracks and bumps on the road.

It comes with an under-seat basket that is quite spacious and it is easy to access whether from front or from the back. Included in the Viaro are many accessories such as both child and parent trays that comes with two cup holders which is a big plus because of their usefulness.

The stroller has utmost convenience in its design that it can be use with an infant car seat, the KeyFit 30. The infant car seat comes with an adjustable car straps that it is easy to loosen or tighten to make the travel comfortable for your baby passenger.

The main seat of the Viaro is not removable though but the car seat snaps neatly on the seat. The stroller is very light and compact. It is easy to fold with one hand. And lastly the price of this stroller is very reasonable.

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Parents like this stroller because it is lightweight. It only weighs 18lbs. it comes with one hand folding which is very helpful cause you can do fold it while holding your baby with your other hand. A bit chunkier though when folded and it takes a bit more of car’s trunk space.

It has a removable canopy which is handy sometimes. The seat pad is removable and can be washed easily. It has multiple recline positions which gives you a lot of choice. The parent and child tray are a great feature and comes with a big bag basket for carrying so many things and lastly it has a strong harness for maximum security of your kid.


Among of the things that parents dislike about the stroller is its bulkiness, sometimes it will not fit to smaller car’s trunk. The non-adjustable handlebar is also alright for average height people but a bit high for shorter ones. And lastly its 3 wheels have less stability that worries some parents.

Now let us proceed to the next product on this Chicco Viaro vs Bravo comparison review article.

Viaro Stroller Video Review

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Chicco Bravo Stroller

Chico Bravo Stroller is a product that is packed with features. It is one of the most popular car seat stroller combo. It is designed with high quality and a combination that has never been seen before.

This stroller is also known as Chico Bravo Trio. You can make easy transitions from stroller to and to the car and vice versa. It is a four wheeled, full size stroller The outer design of the Bravo is slightly the same with the Viaro except for its wheels. The canopy of the Bravo is removable and adjustable which is very practical in many instances. The handlebar is adjustable and has easy braking action for its wheels. It features a large basket under its seat, and it has a narrow build that can be able to fit on tight spaces.

Another great feature of the Bravo is that its seat is removable and can snap easily on infant car seat or unto a toddler seat, which is convenient because you have more choice. It comes also with a one push button to recline the seat.

The wheels are filled with foam which is very handy and useful for strolling around city sidewalks. The suspension of the wheels is shock absorbent giving your child a smooth ride.

It also boasts a compact fold which is a wonderful function and perfect for parents with small cars. It takes a small space which is great for transport and storage.

The stroller comes with KeyFit 30, it easily clicks on the stroller and the base of the car. It has so many safety qualities that it can be considered as the best infant car seat in the US. It has an ergonomic design and it can absorb energy in case of collision.

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The Chicco Bravo has so many positive reviews from parents that according to them it is very easy to use. They also agreed that it takes only a few minutes to assemble it. The adjustable handlebar is a plus for parents especially to those with shorter height because they can adjust it according to their height. The design and functionality of the Bravo is highly recommended, even more it can be folded with one hand with ease. It also takes less space when stored and don’t forget its roomy basket that can hold all the things you need.

The four wheels is highly appreciated by parents because it provides more stability. The wheel suspension helps also on its stability. The wheel size though is small therefore it is only for city use and smooth terrain. It also comes with a parent tray and two cup holders.

Hope you’re enjoying this article of chicco bravo vs viaro comparison!


According to most of the parents one of its cons is that the parent’s tray is small, and it does not have a child tray like on the Viaro. The canopy is a bit short especially for kids under 1 year old. Lastly, most parents mentioned that the break is on an awkward position. It is located next to the wheel that is sometimes uncomfortable to lock the wheels.

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Difference Between Chicco Viaro vs Bravo

Most of the design and features are quite similar between the Chicco Viaro vs Bravo but there are also some notable differences. First difference that is rightly obvious are the wheels the Viaro has 3 wheels with double wheels in front, while the Bravo has four wheels distributed evenly.

The handlebar on the Viaro is not adjustable while the Bravo has an adjustable one which is very handy. Next is that the Viaro toddler seat in not removable while the Bravo has a removable one. Chicco Viaro comes with both the parent and the child tray while the Chicco Bravo has only a Parent tray. Lastly the Viaro is lighter vs the Bravo.

Both strollers are great for city use. They can be folded using one hand and both are amazing. The Chicco Viaro is bulkier when folded though compared to Chicco Bravo.

Where to Buy?

The best place to buy these strollers is on Amazon. Why? Because it’s the best price and fastest shipping.

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Both are great strollers, but I am more leaning to the Chicco Bravo. For me it has surpassed the Chicco Viaro in some area like the stability. I also like how the Bravo takes up a little space when folded which is very handy for those who have smaller cars.

That’s it for our article on the chicco viaro vs bravo stroller comparison! Hope it helped you find a new stroller for your baby.