Chicco Urban Stroller Review: Is it Good?

This post is about Chicco Urban Stroller review, we will have a comprehensive look on the good and bad about this product.

If you are a newbie parent, it quite a task to buy your very first stroller. There are so many things to consider when buying one. Because of this reason, we have made an in-depth guide on the Chicco Urban Stroller. The main goal of this review is to help decide if this stroller is what you are looking for.


The Chicco Urban Stroller is a modular stroller that can be used in six different ways. You have the option to use it with and infant car seat, as a regular stroller, as a carriage style and you can also choose whether your baby can face in or out. The stroller features 3 position sliding handle adjustment, perfect for both parents to push the stroller with ease. It has one touch breaks and its wheels is quick release so that it is easy to store for traveling. The stroller comes with a Keyfit adaptor, but you need to buy car seat separately.

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Storage and Folding

The Chicco Urban Stroller can be folded by one hand but according to reports, it requires two hands to fold it because it is quite difficult to use on hand. Folding for storage or transport is not that easy. If you want to fold the stroller for storage, you need to remove the seat first which a bit hassle because you need to track of parts. When folded this stroller is not that slim, you need to keep this in mind for storage purposes.

Wheels and Maneuverability

The wheels of the Chicco Urban Stroller measures 7 inches for the front wheels and 9.75 inches for the rear wheels. It has all wheel suspension for smoother ride.

Maneuverability on this stroller is not that great, it sometimes tends to get stuck because of the turn radius. Wheels are detachable for easy storage in case you want to keep the stroller.


Because of many features it possesses the Chicco Urban stroller is a bit heavy. It weighs 26 lbs. It may take some serious lifting especially for small parents to load the stroller into the car or taking it up and down the stairs. I highly recommend trying the weight personally if you could handle it.


The brakes on the Chicco Urban is a foot activated one. It has a simple mechanism that provides safety to your baby. The brake is easy to access even if you are wearing flip flops or high heels.

Handle Height

This stroller has a height adjustable handle. This allows parents to adjust the handle height according to their preference. Adjusting the handle takes only a fast click to adjust it to three different heights.

Car Seat Compatibility

The Chicco Urban comes with the Chicco Keyfit car seat adaptor when purchased. It is designed already to go with a car seat. But always remember that the car seat is sold separately. You may have a problem though when connecting non Chicco car seat.


When it comes to convertibility the Chicco Urban Stroller is superb. This feature is the make or break it point when it comes to buying the stroller. This stroller delivers as advertised. You can configure this stroller in six configurations. It is easy to move from one configuration to another one, all you have to do is simple click and you are done.

The seat can be configured into a fully flat carriage which is perfect for carrying newborns and infants. This configuration is helpful especially it provides neck and head support for easy transport of infants. For older babies, the padded seats transitions smoothly between reclining positions. A footrest is provided that is adjustable using the buttons on the side, there are four adjust positions for the footrest.

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Pros and Cons

Here are the benefits and the drawbacks of this stroller:


The wheel is detachable making it easy to store and gives extra room in your storage place.

Transforming the stroller to a bassinet is fairly easy.

This stroller can be used from birth to toddler giving you a lot of savings.

It is extremely easy to assemble.


The model is not that lightest.

Maneuverability is not that great, and it has problems in turning.

Compared to other models that Chicco has it needs two hands to fold.


The Chicco Urban Stroller is a great stroller and popular among parents. It has a reasonable price and the convertible features makes it a must have stroller. This is cost efficient stroller because it can be used by your baby for a long time.

It may not offer to add another stroller like others offer, but this is overall a great stroller. I personally recommend this stroller for those parents who are searching for their first stroller like you.

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