Bumbleride Indie Twin Review: Is it Good?

This post is about Bumbleride Indie Twin review, we will have a comprehensive look on what features are good and not about this product.

The Company

Before we proceed to the details of the this bumbleride indie twin review, let us first take a look at the background of this company. Bumbleride as a company was born in San Diego California in 2004. The company was inspired by the birth of the of the first child of Matt and Emily Rechardt named Ella.

The design of the Bumbleride is anchored on the life’s adventure. Its primary purpose is for the product to perform well on simple walks or for rigorous jogging routine.

Bumbleride products are made from carefully chosen materials that is durable, safe, and takes care of the environment.


Bumbleride Indie Twin is sturdy and a top-notch stroller when it comes to quality and design. It is built to last because it has solid steel frame, air filled tires and durable fabric. The Indie Twin weighs at 36 lbs and its width is 30 inches. It is considered as a lightweight double stroller because you can just carry it anywhere, just toss it in the trunk of your car and your good to go. This double stroller can handle almost all terrain and gives you a smooth ride.

It has adjustable seat are side by side so kids can sit comfortably and can see each other. It uses recycled materials on its stroller, so this product is environment friendly. Lastly, you can choose from different colors.

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Folding and Carrying

When it comes to folding the Bumbleride Indie Twin can be folded in one-step. It has auto lock and can be stand folded. When it is folded though it is not compact so it may not fit on the trunk of a smaller car.


The harness on the Bumbleride Indie Twin is excellent. Perfect for those parents who prioritize safety above all. It has an easy to use high quality harness that can fit babies even the smallest ones. This harness can be used until the baby outgrows it.

The harness is easy to buckle up, undo and adjust. Additionally, it has a side strap that can nicely on infants.


Having enough storage for your babies is a must. The Bumble Indie Twin has a spacious storage under the seats. It is pretty easy to access. It can carry weight up to 10 pounds. Aside from the main storage bin, it has additional pockets for storage located in the canopy and the back of the seats. These pockets are perfect for essentials such as keys, phones or even baby bottles. While the main storage basket can be used for storing groceries, extra clothes, and other baby essentials.


When it comes to accessories, the Bumbleride Indie Twin has few add-ons that are of course sold separately, these accessories increase convenience and storage. Among these add-ons are the parent pack where you can attach it to the handlebar that has two cup holders and big pouch that can accommodate essentials such as wallet, sunglasses, keys, and phones.

Another one is the snack pack which can be attached to the bumper bar. This is used for storing snacks like crackers and goodies. These add-ons do not need to be removed to fold the stroller.


When it comes to cleaning the Indie Twin has removable fabrics such as the seat covers, bumper bar covers and canopies. It is a tedious process of removing these fabrics, but parents agree that it is fairly easy to do. The fabric on the Indie Twin is durable and of high quality that it can be thrown into the washing machine for washing.


The Indie Twin canopy is the best of its kind. It is large and can provide enough shelter from the wind, sun, and rain. The large canopy can shield your baby while sleeping even if the sun shifts. It is made of a durable fabric and has SPF rating of 45. It is also equipped with a magnetic peek-a -boo window incredibly quiet compared to Velcro.

A removable back panel is provided for airflow and breathability. The canopy can be extended fully with the pop out visor making it cover the seat entirely covering your kid fully. If you want to add an optional rain cover you can buy it separately.

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Seat Recline and Leg Rest

The Bumbleride Indie Twins offers a variety of positions for your baby, thanks to the adjustable seat feature you can have many options from a completely flat position to a fully upright one. With this option your kid will be provided comfortable seating position and enough leg room for your little one. Another great feature is that the recline gives your baby an unobstructed while you are on a stroll.

The seat recline can be controlled with the use of the tether-style mechanism that is extremely easy to use with just a simple squeeze and pull to release action to get the recline you prefer. You only need one hand to recline the seat, but you need two hands to put the seat back up.

The leg rest needs dexterity to adjust though, you need to push both buttons on the side while moving the leg rest up or down. But overall, the leg rest can be raised all the way up making your baby lay completely flat.

Wheels and Brakes

The Bumbleride Indie Twin gives your baby a smooth ride. Its tires are air-filled and can swivel. It is also equipped with a bouncy suspension which is impressive. The stroller comes with a tire pump that you can put in the storage basket for easy use when needed.

The Indie Twin is easy to push because of the high-quality rubber wheels with treads. It can handle almost all terrain including curbs, wood floors, concrete, grass, and gravel. When it comes to steering using one hand may be difficult. When going through slopes it can climb up and down without a problem.

The brakes on the Bumbleride Indie Twin is easy to use, if you want to lock the stroller you just need to push own on the pedal that is located in the center of the rear wheel axle. To release, you just need to push it up. The brake is solid and serves its purpose.


The Bumbleride Indie Twin is a top choice for parents that has twins or babies that are close in terms of age. It is overall a superb twin stroller and it is packed with features that are useful. It may be a large form factor but is a double stroller after all.

I highly recommend this stroller especially for parents that have multiple babies.

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