Bugaboo Ant vs YoYo Stroller Review Comparison Guide: Who Wins?

On this page you’ll find our Bugaboo Ant vs Yoyo Stroller comparison review guide. You’ll find all the answers you’re looking for on this page below. Such as the differences, pros and cons, prices, where to buy, and ultimately who the winner is.

Travel strollers is a must have for every parent who frequently travels with their babies. These strollers are mostly lightweight, easy to carry and to maneuver.

Among the two brand that stands out in the past years are the Bugaboo Ant Stroller made by Bugaboo and the Babyzen Yoyo+ Stroller made by Babyzen.

Babyzen introduced the Yoyo+ stroller which was a first of its kind then. It is a stroller that offered full-size features. Among these features are the car seat compatibility and the most noted feature the compact folding that can fit on overhead compartments in airplanes. It was the first then in providing all the wheels with suspension.

But nowadays it was being challenged by an equally premium and luxury brand the Bugaboo Ant. This brand is also vying for the top place in the travel stroller market. The new Bugaboo Ant can go head to head with the Babyzen Yoyo+ because it is also packed and have even more features. Among the features that it has are the reversible seat, adjustable backrest and handlebar.

About these Companies

Before we dive into the details of each stroller on Bugaboo Ant vs Yoyo Stroller comparison, we investigate first the background of each company.

First is Babyzen, it is a French company which is based in Aix-en Provence, France. Founded on 2009, the company focuses in designing and manufacturing baby strollers. Their primary aim is to reinvent strollers and it reflects on their products. Their brand embodies flexibility and compact design that can be carried easily anywhere during travel.

Now for Bugaboo, it is a Dutch company which is based in Netherlands. It was established in 1999 and its main headquarter is in Amsterdam. Founders of the company are duard Zanen and Max Barenbrug. The company primarily design products for babies and toddlers, primarily pushchairs and luggage system. It is available in 50 countries worldwide.

Now let us proceed to the details in this Bugaboo Ant vs Yoyo comparison review.

Babyzen Yoyo+

It is a French made stroller with a sturdy frame design. All its wheels have suspension on each that it can tackle any surface it may go whether on grassy parks or paved roads. This stroller can be folded in a flash and can be carried through its included carry bag with an integrated shoulder strap.

It uses the same frame in attaching two different fabrics to the stroller. There is the 0+ Newborn Pack that used for newly born babies while the 6+ Color Pack that has a seat fabric for older babies and can be used if the baby wants to sit upright.

Weight and Dimensions

The Babyzen Yoyo+ is a lightweight stroller it is in fact 2 pounds lighter than the Bugaboo Ant. It weighs at 13.6 pounds. When folded the Yoyo+ is small enough to qualify as a carry-on item especially when your riding a plane. When folded the dimensions of this stroller is 20 X 17 X 7 inches.

Weight and Height Limit

The Yoyo+ can carry babies from 6 months to up to 40 pounds.  It can take less weight compared to the Ant. This stroller is newborn ready with the attachment of bassinet. Seat height on this stroller is at 17 inches and has a depth of 10 inches.


The Yoyo+ offers a variety of seating options, you can use a car seat or a bassinet until 6 months before you can transition to the stroller seat. The Yoyo+ seat fabric can be easily removed because it is just attached to a frame. The seat only faces forward and offer less flexibility compared to the Ant.


The Yoyo+ is like the Ant can be folded into smallest among the strollers. It can be easily transported through airport security. It has a built-in strap that can easily fit to your shoulder for easy carrying.

The folding process in the Yoyo+ is as simple as to step process. First you press the white buttons found in the top of the frame. This will collapse the handlebar and the canopy. Second, using the red tab and black button found in the underside of the stroller, press it while pulling the tab and grab the metal bar allowing it to collapse and lock into place.

Compatible Car Seats

You can attach a car seat on the Yoyo+ but you need to use car seat adapters which are sold separately. Among the Car Seats that are compatible with the Yoyo+ are Clek Liing, Cybex Aton, Maxi-Cosi and Nuna Pippa, Lite and Lite LX.


You can highly customize your Yoyo+ stroller according to you needs by adding accessories. Among the accessories of the Yoyo+ are the newborn pack bassinet, car seat adapters, yoyo+ board, travel bag, parasol, cup holder, storage bag.

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Here are the benefits of the Yoyo+ strollers that parents love:

It folds faster and easily compare to the ant. It just requires two steps.

The shoulder strap is very convenient when carrying it on its folded form.

It weighs less. The Yoyo+ weighs 2 pounds less compared to the Ant.

Car seat compatibility. The Yoyo+ is compatible with more car seats than the Ant.


Here are the drawbacks that we found on this stroller:

The seat only faces forward and no other way.

Seat is made of fabric attached to a frame it is less sturdy compared to the reinforced seat on the Ant.

There are two support bars in the storage basket that can get in the way in getting in and out of items from the storage.

The canopy and the handlebar are not adjustable which can be annoying.

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Bugaboo Ant

The Bugaboo Ant is a very popular stroller. It has the same quality and flexibility that Bugaboo strollers are known for but in a very small package. The Ant may be compact, and dimensions warrant it as a carry-on, it offers some features found in full size strollers. Among the features the stroller has are the reversible seat, reinforced seatback and adjustable and rotatable handlebar.

Weight and Dimensions

The Bugaboo Ant has reinforced backrest and have sturdy seat.  It is 2 pounds heavier than the Yoyo+. It weighs at 15.8 pounds. As I said above the Ant like the Yoyo+ are tiny enough when folded and can qualify as a carry-on item on planes.

The Ant though is narrower by 2 inches when folded compared to the Yoyo+ and it is also 2 inches shorter.  Its dimensions are 21 x 1.9 x 9 inches.

Weight and Height Limit

The Ant has greater limit than the Yoyo+.  It can support from 6 moths or up to 50 pounds. Like the Yoyo+ it doesn’t offer a flat recline for newborn, but you can attach an infant seat to it to accommodate your baby.

It is a unique feature on the Ant that the seat height is adjustable, so it grows with your child. The backrest offers an additional 5 inches which cannot be found on the Yoyo+. So taller kids can be easily accommodated in this stroller. The seat height and depth on the Ant are the following, 15 -22 inches for the seat height and 9.4 inches for the seat depth.


The Bugaboo Ant offer a variety of seating position. Its seat is reversible a unique feature of the Ant. You can let your child face you when he or she is younger and face forward when he or she gets older. It is easier for the Ant seat to be replaced by the infant car seat or a bassinet because it pops off right away.


Both strollers can do a compact fold which a very helpful feature when transporting. The Ant can be wheeled just like a suitcase and it is easier to carry.

The Ant though is a bit complicated to fold and unfold. It takes multiple steps to so it. To fold it you nee to push in the sides of the canopy until you hear a click on both sides. After you do that push the seat down until you can’t push anymore. Then pull the lever on the back of the seat and push it forward. After that disengage the lock on the side of the stroller and push the wheels until it collapses on the frame. Lastly, lower the handlebar until it locks in place.

Compatible Car Seats

The Bugaboo Ant can be attached to it. You need an adapter though to do it. The compatible car seat on the Ant are the Cybex, Maxi- Cosi, Nuna Pipa, Lite and Lite LX.


You can accessorize your Ant stroller to make it more useful and fully customized according to you needs. Accessories like cocoon bassinet, car seat adapters, travel bag, footmuff, parent organizer, rain cover, cup holder, comfort wheeled board fits on the Ant perfectly.

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Here are the benefits that we found on the Ant:

The reversible seat is great cause you have an option of facing either direction.

The seat and the backrest are made of reinforced plastic which is better than the Yoyo+ fabric seat.

The adjustable canopy is handy especially with your growing child.

It is more compact than the Yoyo+ by 2 inches in terms of height and width.

The adjustable handlebar is helpful to parents with different height.

Storage basket is larger and has additional pocket that is easily accessible both in front and back.


Here are the drawbacks that we found on the Ant:

Folding it is more complex than the Yoyo+. It requires multiple steps.

Weighs more compare to the Yoyo+ by 2 pounds.

It has fewer compatible infant car seats.

Where to buy

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Final Thoughts

Both strollers are great strollers. Both the quality and the build are topnotch. The price of these two are the same. They are both compact and fit on overhead bin on planes making you travel with convenience.

There is not much of a difference for Bugaboo Ant vs Yoyo+, the Ant has more features than the Yoyo+ plus like the reversible seat, the adjustable seat and handlebar and the self-standing and trolley function when it is folded. On the other hand, the Babyzen Yoyo+ is easy to fold and 2 pounds lighter than the Bugaboo Ant, making it easier and faster to transfer from and to places.

In my opinion, I like the Bugaboo Ant better.  It has the slightest edge in terms of feature and has a narrower compact fold than the Babyzen Yoyo+. I don’t mind if it weighs more.

That is the end of my Bugaboo Ant vs Yoyo+ comparison review. See you on the next one!