Bugaboo Ant Review: Is it Good?

In this Bugaboo Ant Review we will do an in-depth discussion on the good and bad of this great stroller from the Bugaboo Company.

About the Company

Before we dive into the intricate details and features of this stroller in our Bugaboo Ant stroller review, let us mention first the company behind this product. Bugaboo International is a company that is based in the Netherlands. This Dutch company has been in business since 1999 and its headquarters is in the Amsterdam. The founders of the company are Eduard Zanen and Max Barenbrug.

Bugaboo primarily designs products specifically for infants and toddlers. Their products are primarily pushchairs and luggage system. These products are available in almost in 50 countries around the world.

Bugaboo Ant

You only choose what is best for your babies whether when it comes to food, diapers or accessories. You always take into consideration the welfare of your baby. Same as through when choosing the best stroller suited for you and your baby.

Like any other new product that is getting out in the market the Bugaboo Ant was exciting when it came out. It is a well-designed full-sized stroller that has a fun mix of style and function that is innovative of its kind. That is why the Bugaboo Ant became one of the premium stroller brands.


Now let us proceed on the stroller’s many features in this Bugaboo Ant review. This stroller is first among the brand to make a stroller that is ultra-compact for travel.  This makes the stroller offer something that is new in the stroller market which is competitive as ever.

This is the moment of truth, let us go to the individual features this stroller possesses and find all the details about the Ant.


First on our list is the seat on the Bugaboo Ant which is completely different compared to other strollers in the market. This product has a reversible seat. It is very important, and you can appreciate it once you are parent yourself.

Us parents wants our children to be in our sight always, so with this reversible seat on this stroller you can adjust your baby to face you while on a walk to a park or on the sidewalk. This feature comes handy also when your baby is all grown up and wants to ride the stroller facing out. Toddlers wants to explore and is more interested on the surrounding. Sao having this kind of feature on a stroller is rare and very useful. Not to mention the stroller is one of the few lightweight products out in the market.

Another worth mentioning about the seat on this product is that you can make your toddler sit really up. This is a rare feature in strollers, this is handy when your toddler gets board or uneasy in sitting in a reclined position. And when your kid wants to rest or sleep, this stroller offers a near flat recline. Naps on the go is a breeze because they can snuggle perfectly flat while in the move.

All of these adjustments can be done conveniently with one hand. No straps are required to lower or raising the backrest, a lever is what it takes to do all these adjustments.

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Car Seat Compatibility

Like I said the Bugaboo Ant is a lightweight stroller that can be attached in an infant car seat. You need a special adapter though to connect the stroller to the car seat. These following adapters are the only ones that were tested to be compatible the Nuna Pipa Lite, Cybex Aton, Clek Liing and Maxi Cosi. These are sold separately and does not come with the stroller.


Most lightweight strollers for travel have small canopies and parents complain how it is not enough in providing shade against sunlight. But on the Bugaboo Ant it has an extendable UPF50+ canopy that is helpful in providing protection from sunlight. Although when your baby is laying flat the canopy provide smaller amount of shade but compared to other lightweight strollers it is better.  And it has also a peek-a-boo window that is made of mesh that can also provide extra ventilation.


The handlebar on the Bugaboo Ant is adjustable. It is one of a few lightweight strollers that has this feature. This telescoping handlebar is helpful for those parents that has a taller height and have longer legs. This provides enough space behind the stroller to avoid accidentally kicking the stroller when walking.

So, if you and your husband are a contrast in terms of height, you will surely love this feature of the Bugaboo Ant. The best part of the handlebar is that the top part rotates, so you can adjust it to minimize wrist pains after a long walk. To give you an idea the handlebar slides like a suitcase handle.


The tires on wheels of the Bugaboo Ant is filled with foam it is sturdy and can withstand the weight of its passenger. It mimics an air-filled tire. The front wheels are 4.7 inches in size while the rear ones are 5,9 inches. The tires are small though and they are not ideal for off roading and bumpy terrains. This stroller is more of a city or urban living. It works wheel on paved sidewalks with few cracks, grass and others. A suspension is provided of course both in the back and front for smoother rides.

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Storage Basket

Another great feature of the Ant is how large the storage basket. It can carry up to 17 pounds capacity, perfect for all the small things to carry wherever you go. The basket is divided into two parts. The front one is perfect for diaper storage and other cloth stuff. The basket has an easy access front for getting something in and out of the storage basket with ease.

For the rear part of the basket a pouch with a mesh is located where you can store things like phone, wallets or purses. This too is easy to access pouch even if the stroller is folded. If you choose to make the Ant as a carry on, you can put some toys, snacks and other necessities on the pouch and keep them always at arm’s reach.


With all these jam-packed features of the Bugaboo Ant you may wonder if it would affect the weight of it and make it heavier compared to other similar strollers. But no, the Ant stays lightweight and weighs only 15.8 pounds. So, carrying it anywhere like on higher floors or grounds or whether your loading it on the car is not a problem for sure.


Although folding the Bugaboo Ant is a bit complicated and will entail practice, you will love how compact the size of this stroller when folded. It requires a few steps, starts with closing the seat and lifting two toggles once is fully folded. These white toggles are located on the both sides of the stroller frames. Once you have done the following the stroller collapses into a compact package that can resemble a suitcase. You can watch a video here on how the whole process unfolds.

Like a suitcase also you can just pull up the handlebar and adjust according to your height and pull it like one. This is super convenient especially in navigating crowded places like the airport. Of course, when your reach your destination or your plane, you can slide back the handle and rotate it down for easy storage and fits perfectly on overhead storage on planes.

The folded Bugaboo Ant dimension of 9.03 by 14.96 by 21.65 inches meets the carry-on regulation of some airlines and you can carry it on board. This is the number one reason why traveling parents love the Ant.

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Below are the pros and cons as a continuation of our Bugaboo Ant review.


Parents love the Bugaboo Ant because of its reversible seat. Their child can ride facing their parents or facing the surroundings.

The upright seat position on the ant also is a great feature compared to other strollers.

The car seat compatibility for some infant car seats is great. This means you can use this stroller from birth until your baby becomes a toddler.

The adjustable handlebar whether for height or angle adjustments is a deal breaker. This feature is loved by many parents because it provides utmost convenience.

The extended canopy is very helpful in providing the needed shade from sunlight.  It bigger than most lightweight strollers.

The Ant looks gorgeous and easy to carry with its light weight or the suitcase pull is very handy when traveling.

The compact fold of the Ant is beloved by so many traveling parents because it can fir on overhead storage bins on some airplanes.

The storage basket is spacious, perfect for storing all important things and it is bigger that other lightweight strollers.


The folding of the Ant takes a few steps and takes longer time compared to other lightweight strollers. It is quite annoying for some parents.

This stroller is not so great for children that are tall. It works best for children age two to two and a half.

The stroller is expensive, and you will spend more money with the accessories that works with it but are sold separately.

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The Bugaboo Ant Stroller is a superb product and it has so many positive reviews online. I love its compact fold which is perfect for flights and vacationing. To add, this stroller has high capacity given that is a lightweight stroller. The reversible seat is the one feature that I like the most because it provides me flexibility. It is sturdy and the quality is awesome.

This stroller is not perfect because it has some flaws like the folding. But I know with practice you can do it with ease.

Overall, I recommend this stroller and I give it a huge thumbs up.

That is the end of my Bugaboo Ant review. I hope you have learned something and see you in the next one.