Best Strollers for NYC : What is the Best Out There?

In this article we will find the best strollers for NYC. We will break down and analyze each stroller for every city need.

New York City is a big and crowded city people can be found almost everywhere here often shoulder to shoulder and the traffic is always bumper to bumper. Navigating your way through the big Apple can be heck of a job especially when you are with your baby or babies.

Because of this you need a sturdy and lightweight stroller to make your life so much easier. But with so many options to choose from choosing the perfect stroller is a daunting task. The market is flooded with so many that doing the research will take you days or even longer. There are single, double, compact, jogging, umbrella, the traveler and all-terrain strollers. Some may have added features such as cup holders or storage basket for parents that are always on the go. The list goes on and on.

You should also take into consideration the environment. Especially when you are living on an apartment or you travel by subway you always go up and down on stairs. Your chosen stroller should deal with the hurly-burly of the city’s paved road and sidewalks. With all these said, where do you start looking?

To help you choose the best strollers for NYC or on any city you live, we put together a guide for you and we listed some strollers that will fit for city life.

What to look for?

There are few factors that you want to look in a stroller for city use. We have listed below the characteristics the stroller should possess to help you navigate the Big Apple with your children.


Having a lightweight stroller is the first factor that you should consider when buying your perfect stroller. In the city you will spend most of your time going up and down on stairs to your apartment you really need a stroller that will not strain your arms from carrying it. Having a heavy and bulky stroller is a burden on your part. Getting up and down the stairs daily will leave you panting and grunting when you get to the top, thus leaving you tired.


After the weight you should takes into consideration the portability feature of the stroller. Most of lightweight strollers are also portable. Portability comes handy when you are traveling. You want a stroller that can be folded in into a smaller dimension. This can make your travel quick and smooth and will prevent you from tripping. Having a stroller that is large will make you slower cause it can’t be folded.

Rubber Wheels

NYC sidewalks are not created equal. When you are stroll you have to deal with wide cracks in some areas. When winter comes the sidewalk gets covered with snow and its slippery. So, having a stroller with rubber wheels is a must. These rubber wheels are more like a bike tires and they are filled with foam which makes them sturdy yet bouncy.

Aside from the rubber wheels you should consider buying strollers with anti-shock technology. This feature can give your baby a smooth ride despite of bumps on the road, especially if you have to go through snow laden sidewalk.

List of Baby Strollers for NYC

We have listed the top 9 best strollers for NYC. We have taken into consideration that in cities there are a lot of stairs to climb up and down and the weight and size of the stroller matters. Here are our best choices!

Baby Jogger City Select

This is the most versatile stroller in the market. It can be a stroller for all your strolling needs. The stroller is unique in the sense that it can transform into 16 unique configurations and I am pretty sure it will fit all your family needs. It can transform to a luxury baby stroller by adding a bassinet kit accessory which is sold separately.

The Baby Jogger has the following notable features. It has Buckle Closure, Peekaboo Window, Storage Basket Beneath the seat, Adjustable Harness, Canopy, Swivel Front Wheels, Locking Wheels, Padded Seat, Reclining Seats, Safety Harness and Storage Pockets.

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Uppababy G-Lite Stroller

This stroller is a must have for a mommy that is always on the move. It is lightweight and the would be a perfect fit for city living. The stroller only weighs 8.8 pounds which makes it lightweight and great choice. It can be carried one handed via a strap that is built in the stroller, so when going up or going downstairs you can bring it with your other hand while you carry your baby on the other one.

It is very light and convenient to steer around the city streets and has a large storage basket underneath for all the baby essentials you carry. The canopy provides a decent protection against sunlight. This stroller does not have a recline so carrying a young baby with it is not possible.

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Uppababy G-Luxe Stroller

The Uppababy G-luxe is the brother version of the G-lite it is a bit heavier compared to it has a recline feature. In fact, weighing only 13 pounds, it is the one of the lightest strollers with a recline feature.

Just like the the G-lite, the G-luxe is easy to fold and have a stylish design. The storage basket is also large and comes with a large sun canopy.  For me this is an overall great stroller especially those moms that lives in a city like New York.

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GB Pockit Stroller

The GB Pockit is another great lightweight stroller perfect for city use. It is compact and packs with a lot of features. What is great with it is that it can be folded in two step that can be a major thumbs up to moms and users. To add to this is that it can be folded easily and can open back up again with minimal effort.

Once it is neatly folded, the stroller stands on its own and it will not fall. The stroller is ideal for travel because it folds up so small and it takes up less space.

The stroller is comfortable and durable. It has padded seat and air breathable for ventilation. Wheels are padded to give your passenger a smooth ride.

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Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller

This stroller is not a lightweight option at 22 pounds its rather heavier than other lightweight strollers. Although this one is still a lighter stroller compared to regular ones. The quick fold on this stroller is amazing and its style is very popular for moms in NYC. It is great on the sidewalks and paved street because of its maneuverability.

It has a recline that is near flat and has padded seat to make you baby comfortable. The sun canopy is amazing and can protect your child from sun or rain. This stroller is well suited for long distance walking and suitable for all terrains, so it is very handy for people who likes to walk a lot.

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Babyzen YOYO Stroller

Babyzen Yoyo is a well design stroller that is lightweight making it on our list of best strollers for NYC. It designs stands out and very appealing to the eyes specially if you choose the pink color. The real stand out feature for this stroller is how it can be folded small enough that it can fit on a plane carry on compartment. So, this is perfect for apartment living which is always the case for city living cause this stroller does not take up so much space.

The stroller has also a seat storage basket, a sun canopy, seat recline, and it comes also with wheel suspension on all 4 wheels for smother ride. Despite its being lightweight and can be folded into small package, the stroller has a wide seat for your baby.

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Maclaren Mark II Stroller

There are so many lightweight strollers out there in the market but in terms of finding a particular stroller that is lightweight and will also cater everything you need is a struggle for sure. Well, look no more the Maclaren Mark II has got everything you want in a stroller with added extras.

The appearance of this stroller is superb, and the midnight blue shade is timeless. It has a hexagonal shape frame which is different compare to others. With this frame it gives it strength that is unparallel. It is easy to maneuver and has a one hand collapsible design which is convenient.

The braking system of this stroller is very good giving you a sense of security that your young one is safe. The seat it is spacious and comfortable.  It comes also with a large compartment for storage and a large cover that can keep your baby from sunlight.

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Baby Jogger Vue Lite Umbrella Stroller

This is a high-quality umbrella stroller that is suitable for city life. It weighs 14 pounds, so it is easy to your arms when you are carrying it. It is a great option for family who wants a lightweight stroller.

This stroller features a flat recline that is perfect for young babies and you can have the option to attach an infant car seat. The standout feature of this stroller is that it is reversible, you have an option make your baby face you or face the world. It has an amazing canopy that shield your precious one from the weather. This stroller is for those who don’t mind adding more weight over more features.

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Maclaren Volo Stroller

Last but not the least in our list for the best strollers for NYC is the Maclaren Volo Stroller. This is another great lightweight stroller. It only weighs 8.8 pounds. Like the Uppababy G-Lite. This stroller does not have the recline option, so this stroller is suitable for babies that are a bit older from 6 months onwards. It comes with a convenient carry handle for the comforts of carrying.

The Volo has a storage basket and a sun canopy that meet the highest standards in terms of safety. It is suitable for toddlers of up to 55 pounds. This stroller is perfect for those mothers that always travel through the subway. Its weight helps a lot especially for going through stairs.

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That ends our list on the best strollers for NYC. Hope we helped you a lot in choosing the best stroller for you. Until the next one. See you!