Best Stroller for 3 Year Old: What is the Best Choice?

In this post article we will find the best stroller for 3 year old. We list the best and analyze the stroller that will fit for your 3 year old bundle of joy.

Time flies so fast and in just a jiffy your precious baby is now a three-year-old. At this stage your toddler is starting to be independent and wants to explore the things around him. I bet because of this your toddler wants to walk by himself and cannot be stopped.

Of course, you need your toddler to be comfortable and safe when he or she is travelling on your car. So we parents make sure that we are using the best car seat for our toddler. We also need a stroller that has car seat compatibility so that it is easy to transfer from car to the stroller and vice versa.

Your toddler is more of a walker now. They are now able to walk by themselves when you’re at the park or on the mall buying supplies. But when they get tired they also need to rest comfortably and be able to rest or sleep after long periods of rigorous walking. For this you need only the best stroller for 3 year old.

What to look for?

Finding the perfect stroller for your 3 year old is daunting task. There are so many things to consider and you only want what is best for your child. You want a stroller that will not compromise the safety and comfort of your child. So here the things to look for in a stroller for your toddler.

Stroller Weight

Stroller weight should be considered. You do not want to have stroller that is bulky and heavy. Imagine a heavy stroller plus the weight of your kid, it will require great strength to push your child. Not to mention this is very tiring for you. You best choice is to buy a stroller that is durable to carry the weight of your child and the same time lightweight, so it is easy to your arms.

Weight Limit

You need a stroller that has a weight capacity of more than the usual capacity of 35 – 40 pounds. Although this is going beyond the usual weigh capacity, but it is a great to look for a stroller that your bundle of joy can use until the age four to five, or even six.

Now if your child is big and heavy than the normal weight for his or her age, you should make sure that the stroller you chose will provide your child a comfortable ride. Buy a stroller that has a weight limit of 65 to 75 pounds. This capacity is enough for 3 year old but it can go beyond.

Seat and Canopy

A stroller that is best for your toddler should be padded and should provide maximum comfort when your kid is sitting on it. Recline seat is a great option but it is not necessary. It will allow your child to sleep and recharge his or her energy. It should have a canopy that is wide enough to protect your child from the sun and other elements.

Best Strollers for 3 Year Old

Here is a list of strollers we have chosen for their durability and high weight capacity. These strollers are ideal for three year old and beyond.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT

Baby Jogger City Mini GTThe Baby Jogger City Mini GT is a great city stroller that is perfect for a big kid. It has maximum capacity of 65 pounds. What is great with this stroller is got so much space and its very comfortable for tall kids. Equipped with padded seat with plush fabric, it has the longest seat found in the market.

It has also a seatbelt to keep your child secure and a reclined seat for comfort. There is an adjustable canopy to protect your bundle of joy from the weather. The extendable large canopy is UV 50+ protection and can protect your child from harmful sun rays during sunny days. A foot rest is also available for maximum comfort.

The stroller has an adjustable handlebar which is great for those who are too short or too tall parents. This will allow them to adjust the handlebar to their preferred height. When it comes to folding the City Mini GT is very easy. You can just lift the strap and the stroller folds itself, it comes also with automatic lock, so it stays locked especially during storage or while you are transporting. It takes less space when folded and can only way 22 pounds.


It is high quality and has sturdy construction but lightweight. The price for this stroller is reasonable. The wheels are suitable for strolls on trails. Thanks to its shock absorbent wheels you can walk smooth on sidewalks, gravel and cobblestone. Its slim design gives it easy to steer and smooths on turns. It is quick to fold and stays secure for storage.


The storage bin of this stroller is small and don’t have an extra pouch to keep essentials such as keys, wallets and cellphones.

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ZOE XL1 Best

ZOE XL1 BestThis one of the cheapest lightweight strollers, even if it is the cheapest it is still pack with features. One of feature that I like about it is how it can be folded up and open seamlessly. So whether you are in the subway, restaurant or on the mall, you can close and store the stroller up with no problem. It can be folded compactly that it can take up little space and can fit on the trunk of your car. It is very light at 11 pound that carrying it is a breeze.

This stroller has a seat that is padded and deep recline, it can go up 165 degrees. It boasts a huge canopy that can literally cover your kids’ knees. The seat is so spacious and provides a lot of room especially for tall kids.

The wheels are small though, like what you can see on lightweight strollers. It is also equipped with front wheel suspension, because of this the stroller cannot endure uneven terrain and ragged roads. It is strictly for smooth surfaces like sidewalks, indoor surfaces and pavements. The stroller comes also with a snack and cup holder. All these great features for less than 200 USD.


The stroller has a deep recline which is great for sleeping on the go. The large canopy is a plus because it fully covers the baby and protects the baby from the weather. It is very lightweight and easy to fold and open. When folded it is compact and takes a small space, perfect for small apartments or parents on who often travel.


Because of its small wheels it is hard to maneuver especially on non-paved roads.

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UPPAbaby G-Luxe

UPPAbaby G-LuxeCompared to the ones I listed on the best stroller for 3 year old, this is a more expensive lightweight stroller but made of top-quality materials that is durable and can easily hold a three to four-year-old child with ease. It has a lot of head room because its seat deep and wide and the backrest is long enough. It has also an extra space to the top of the canopy. This means that taller kids will fit comfortably on the stroller can have a nap while on the go.

What is great with the G-Luxe is the single front wheel design that makes it easy to navigate on uneven terrains like gravel. Its more suitable for flat surfaces like pavements and sidewalks, but it can handle bumps and off roading.

A very nice feature of this stroller is that the canopy can be extended in 3 panels and has added sun visor to protect your kid’s eyes from sunlight. It has seat recline and all wheel suspension. It has added cup older that is very convenient. When folding the stroller, it takes a little bit of practice. The stroller is very lightweight at only 16.3 pounds and you can be able to carry it easily up and down stairs especially when you are commuting in the subway.


The Uppababy G-Luxe has a deep recline that is useful for toddler’s nap on the go. The seat is very spacious and comfortable for big kids. It has a large canopy that provides a lot of head room. Seat fabric is removable and can be machine washed. Wheels are great and have suspension giving your bundle of joy smooth ride. It is also surprisingly quiet when ridden and very maneuverable on indoor and flat surfaces. The storage basket is accessible on both front and back. Overall this stroller is durable and available in different colors.


The canopy is large, but it lacks a peek a boo window. Which is not great cause you need to open the canopy just to check on your child. The back-storage pocket has no closing lid to make it safe and most of all folding this stroller is difficult.

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GB Pockit

gb pockitThis stroller one of the best lightweight stroller for toddlers. This is a great stroller that can accommodate child up to 55 pounds. This stroller can do a compact fold, in fact it is dubbed as the tinniest fold in the world. It is so compact that it can fit on tiny spaces and even on compartments of an airplane.

The GB Pockit is primarily design for city dwellers. It is perfect for moms that are always goes on travel. Its being compact and light but sturdy that it can be of service for years to come.

The stroller has an under basket that can hold up essentials up to 11 pounds. There are also wheels that can pivot and lockable which can increase maneuverability of the stroller. The lock on the wheels are very useful when traversing rugged and uneven terrain. It is also easy to push and navigate trough a crowd and tiny spaces.


The stroller is user friendly and incredibly take a small space when folded. The stroller is compact that it can save so much space and perfect for small apartments and cars. The space on the Pockit is wide enough that even a five year old can fit on it. Perfect for travel especially by air because when folded the Pockit can fit on the compartment of an airplane. Overall a sturdy and durable stroller.


The canopy on the Pockit is not that big and cannot cover your baby. It has small basket and the set doesn’t recline.

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GB Pockit Plus

GB Pockit PlusThe GB Pockit Plus is one the best stroller for 3 year old. It is a lightweight stroller that has a wider seat compared to the older model. Although the stroller has many upgrades, it remained small and compact. The stroller weighed 3.5 pounds more than the previous model at 13 pounds, it is still light and easy to carry.

It is compact and easy to store and put it under that table or behind the seat of a small car. The canopy for this stroller is redesigned, it is now round and bigger. It is huge enough to do the job and cover your child from sunlight or any weather you may encounter.

A standout feature of the GB Pockit Plus is that it has a reclining back rest. This perfect for sleeping on the go when your toddler gets tired from walking. When you on a stroll say for example on a themed park, the reclining seat is handy. Although many features were added the small wheels and small storage basket is still there.


Unlike the previous version of this stroller, the newer version has a reclining seat, very useful for naps on the go. The seat is wider, even 4 to 5 year old’s can fit. The canopy is wide and can protect your child from the sun or any weather. This is a perfect for city and can be steered easily. It is small and compact that you can navigate it easily on tight places. Additionally, it is lightweight and easy to carry.


Although they have included a reclining set for this version of the stroller it is not convenient to use because of the straps and zippers. Additionally, when the seat is reclined the canopy gives less cover. Another thing that is not good with this stroller is that you cannot fold it with one hand.

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That wraps our best stroller for 3 year old article. Hope you learned a lot and helped you a lot in your quest of finding your next stroller.