Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller Review: Is it Good?

In this Baby Jogger City Mini post, we will review what is good and bad about this stroller so that you can be guided on your next stroller.


The Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller is an umbrella stroller that can be used for jogging and running. It is lightweight and compact that it can be used for extended time. Its design is sleek and not obtrusive that is good for family outings. This is a better option than the usual umbrella stroller that is bulky and a hassle to travel with.

The stroller weighs about 19 lbs. It is easy to fold up and carry it with one hand once your child decided to go for a little walk on the stroller. This is possible because of the one hand folding feature of the Baby Jogger City Mini, it locks the stroller in place for easy carrying and transport.

It has also canopy that is large and provide UV protection of 50+. It can be adjusted to whatever your child’s need.

This stroller is not meant to be a jogging stroller, but this is capable of being one. The swivel front wheels can be locked in place which is perfect for long walks or you have the option to remain them on the swivel position especially for navigating through street crowds in the city.

When it comes to comfort the Baby Jogger City Mini seat can recline in a nearly flat position. It has breathable mesh that gives your child enough ventilation for optimum comfort.

By purchasing an adapter, you can use the stroller right away if you have a newborn.

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Here are the features of the Baby Jogger City Mini:


The seat of the Mini is padded to give its passenger comfort. It has a footrest that is durable and wide which is made of great material to stand the test of time, but the leg rest is not adjustable though. It as a seat recline that you can use by pushing it with one hand, but in order to raise it you need to use your two hands. The recline mechanism is consist of two side straps that is held together in the middle with a plastic pull that keeps the back upright and keeps the tension.


The City Mini has a harness that is 5-point that can be put easily. Buckle though on this stroller is an average one compared to other strollers of the same type. Another downside for me is the shoulder strap which is a bit challenging to adjust. The harness can be adjusted in three ways and it has a crotch strap also that can be adjusted.


A large sunshade can be found on the City Mini. It has two vinyl windows that can reach its cover to the knee. What is not good about this vinyl window is that it has glare on them making them hard to see through. Closures of the windows are made out of Velcro and the canopy overall has UV 50 +.


The City Mini has a medium sized storage bin located under the seat. It is a bit hard to access because of the seat and a frame bar that hinder smooth access to it. It has a maximum carrying capacity of 10 pounds. There is also a pocket on the back that is made of narrow mesh, this can be used for storing essentials such as phone, keys, and other things.


When it comes to brake system the Baby Jogger City Mini has one located in the middle of the axle. It is easy to access and release. It is placed away from the wheels to avoid interference. The pedal is foot friendly because it is easy to press and release.

Folding and Unfolding

When it comes to folding the Baby Jogger City Mini can be folded in just one step. You can do this by just pulling up the handle that can be found on the seat. It automatically locks in place one you fold it. A carry strap is provided for easy carrying. It does not self-stand though like other strollers.

When unfolding, it is a two-step process and it is quite easy.

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Weight and Folded Size

When it comes to weigh the Jogger City Mini weighs 17.5 pounds and considered as one of the lightest strollers in its group. It only measures 4.80 cubic feet when folded.


When it comes to maneuvering the City Mini is easy to push. It has dual front wheels that helps it to be pushed and turned easily. It responds great when it comes to navigating through tight places without bumping into something. When it comes to rough terrains the front wheels stay focused and cannot be tugged off course by pebbles and small stones.

The City Mini can be pushed with one hand, thanks to its front wheel suspension. The handlebar is covered by rubber makes it soft to the touch.

Pros and Cons


Expandable with a glider board to accommodate an older child.

Nearly flat seat reclines which is perfect for napping on the go.

Can be folded with one hand and has auto lock.

With peek a boo windows to check on your little one without disturbing your baby.

A large canopy that has UV 50+ for your child protection.


You need to buy accessories to use the stroller fully.

The under-seat storage bin is difficult to access.


The Baby Jogger City Mini is a great umbrella stroller especially for those who live in the cities. It is packed with features that you can only find in full-sized stroller. It is durable that you are sure it will be used for so many years to come.

Check price of Baby Jogger City Mini